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AW: Looperlative LP1 - sample rate

yeah, we all want

a) more RAM
b) USB(2) or other NV storage interface

Ah yes, and we all want a Looperlative...


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Betreff: Re: Looperlative LP1 - sample rate

Bob Amstadt wrote:
> The electronics in the LP1 are capable of sampling rates up to 
> 192kbps.
> I have not actually run the unit at that speed, but I may experiment 
> with it at a later date.  The big reason that I didn't run it at that 
> speed is that as you increase sampling rate you also increase the
> memory required to store the audio.  So, the LP1 will be hitting the 
> streets with a 48kbps sampling rate.

Yeah I thought why the hell it has only 128 MB RAM, RAM is cheap and 
small nowadays, boost RAM and sampling rate... (I think 96kHz is good 
enough to build converters which still sound good)
The problem with the lower sampling rates is the analog filters you 
would need to make it sound good. Its way more expensive to build good 
analog filters for 48 kHz than using a higher sample rate and using not 
quiet so steep filters...

Well, I think it has to hit the road now, and it will be 48 kHz... But
if its just a software issue, 5 minutes of stereo loops isn't that 
bad if there would be an option.



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