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Re: Looperlative LP1 - current info compiled

Can some people who really know the following units well make a short  
list of the pros/cons of each unit: EDP, Repeater, Looperlative?

It would help me a great deal to know, for instance, what features  
the Looperlative has that the EDP lacks--and vice versa. I'm very  
much an amateur when it comes to all of this stuff, and I almost  
certainly just need one looper--mostly so I can use it as a practice  
and/or compositional tool. I have an EDP now, which I haven't really  
used in any depth. But maybe the Looperlative or the Repeater (if it  
ever comes out) would be better for my needs.

I would enjoy having the possibility of storing loops. I'd like to  
have firewire or usb connections to and from my computer, so I could  
use Live or Reason. Could I load my Live (or Reason) loops into the  
Looperlative, for instance and recall them easily by scrolling  
through presets?

Any help along those lines would be appreciated.