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midi clocks and controllers on the EDP?

hi fellow loopers,

i just joined this list after lurking the website for
well, over a year. good to meet everyone! maybe you
guys can help me out with a little bit of EDP knowhow.
i have two EDPs... would it be possible to sync them
both up via midi clock AND use midi footcontrollers on
them? i was thinking i could brother them, pipe in a
midi clock via one EDP's MIDI IN, use a footcontroller
with switchable parameter sets on the other EDP's MIDI
IN, and have them connected via MIDI THRU as well.
still trying to get my head around all this since up
til now i've been using two EDP footcontrollers (the
non-midi ones) and no midi clock on either of them.
thanks if any of you guys can help me on this one!


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