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Re/Re: looping on NPR... / It's excellent! (Looper's Compilation Vol.3)

I've listen to the samples of the LD vol. 3
and I have to say that I really like the first track played by Zoe K.
 and can't wait till I got the CD to hear it completely.
Sunao couldn't choose a best track, as the first track, like this !
Zoe, maybe it's my classic background, but after listening to the
live performance at NPR I have to say that I really like
your musical taste and approach.
My compliments !
Per, I'm completely agree with your opinion about
the variety of this CD and the interest that It can have
even for a non looping audience.
Different approachs, tastes, technics, and voice-instruments
give pleasure to my ears, too.
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Subject: looping on NPR...

hi loopers, 

i recorded a live segment last week at NPR that is playing today on the show Day to Day. i brought my Repeater down to the studio and gave a short live looping demo. i haven't heard it yet, so i don't know how it came out! but the story is below: