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FS: Line6 Echo Pro

hello fellow loop operators,

i have a Line6 Echo Pro here that i don't need for my new smooth jazz  
album (and only use for a dotted eighth delay in my live rig anyway),  
and a dearth of cash for christmas presents created by my recent  
purchase of my fourth Moog Liberation (sold the first to buy my Z1,  
traded the second for an Hammond Novachord, traded the third and a  
bunch of cash for a Minimoog, and just can't get away from it's  

it's in great shape and has the manual and an AC cord. i can guarantee  
that i have only dropped it once but you'd never know, and all  
functions and I/O work (though i've never used the pedal connections in  
my life and don't feel like testing them). now where the fuck else are  
you going to get that kind of transaction honesty?

this Echo Pro (and the previous Liberation) can be seen at:  

aural proof of its use in the infamous Suit & Tie Guy Band can be found  
stgb_01_11_2004_seminary_dub_force_rising.mp3 ... it's doing the  
looping you hear running through the Leslie. yeah .. that's a  

my price is $420 (get it? four twenty? ha.) shipped within the US. no  
paypal fees. i will list it on ebay for $440 BIN with a 30 dollar  
shipping charge and 4% paypal fee tomorrow and get it unless one of you  
cool dudes or dudettes don't grab it first.

but remember, don't dilly-dally ... i need to buy that Inspector Morse  
box set for my dad and an Alton Brown book for my sister. and a nice  
silver irish cross for the lady. and of course something nicer for my  
mom. i'm sure you understand.
Eric Williamson