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Rick wrote:
Bob will be helping me with the learning curve which will consist of  
mostly figuring out how to
program midi pedals to run it.

One of the most exciting things to me about the box so far is that  
Bob has made it so that
you can have 8 loops that are synchronized or unsynchronized.
Apparently,  you can run separate loops (with muting capabilities  
from a midi foot control)
that are synchronized but then record other loops that are not  

Both of those things are SO easy to do - the pedal programming is as  
simple as it could be - turn the dial to the midi pedal setup area,  
press the pedal and then tell the unit what you want that pedal to  
do. So far, no matching of button numbers to parameter numbers or  
anything like that.

And the sync/unsync thing works beautifully - just depends on whether  
you press play before record on the subsequent loop. Really intuitive.

With the regular software upgrade options available via the ethernet  
cable, the looperlative is set to be a real revelation on the  
hardware looper market. It'll take time for Bob to get all the  
software written that he wants to put in there, but even with the  
first beta software set, there were options available that I'd  
couldn't have done on the EDP without hooking up all four of mine...

And it's Stereo :o)

see y'all at NAMM/Campbell,

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