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I stumbled on the discussion about the Looperlative debut at NAMM
in the thread titled Steve Lawson gives masterclass.

I thought I would suggest moving that discussion to this thread title
for the sake of future researchers at Loopers Delight.


So,  the LOOPERLATIVE live looping hardware device, designed by Bob 
will have it's world premiere
at the NAMM show.

I am the other Beta Tester along with Steve Lawson and both of us will be
performing with the machine at the Looperlative Booth at NAMM.

I'll be showing it with little mini performances on
Friday at 1, 3 and 5
Saturdays at 1, 3 and 5
Sunday at 1 and 3

I just took possession of the first one yesterday and do  not have a 
I also have a very busy week of gigging coming up before Christmas so I 
won't be able to
really take a good look at it until the week after Christmas.  After 
checking in with Bob first,
I will post what I've learned about the boxes capabilities as I go along. 
Look for that after Christmas.

Bob will be helping me with the learning curve which will consist of 
figuring out how to
program midi pedals to run it.

One of the most exciting things to me about the box so far is that Bob has 
made it so that
you can have 8 loops that are synchronized or unsynchronized.
Apparently,  you can run separate loops (with muting capabilities from a 
midi foot control)
that are synchronized but then record other loops that are not 

This is, in essence, like having several different looping boxes with sync 

The other exciting thing is that Bob seems so willing to take suggestions 
about features to put into the box.

Add the best fidelity, internet connectivity (storing loops,  downloading 
new software revisions for free, et. al.)
true stereo and it's a pretty attractive package.

I'm excited to be learning it...........really honored to debut it with 
Steve!   Hope to see you at NAMM.

yours,  Rick Walker