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Re: performance looping ?

A Repeater, if you can find one, might do it better.

On Dec 12, 2005, at 6:03 PM, Tony Hughes wrote:

I am using the looper as a theatrical device, that allows me to record ambient/musical sounds as well as spoken word.  Only having a little over three minutes of record time, would be really limiting.  Imagine an hour long performance in which I slowly add to a 5/10/15 minute loop of sound.  Starting with a bass tone, and building up percussion, words, sounds until towards the end of the show, the sound has become an integral part of the performance...It has been layered in front of the audience, and then, I unbuild the layers until returning to the original bass tone.  It is the sole musical instrument (other than my voice that I'm planning to use). 

The performance ready aspect of the jamman (pedal based / ready to use with some simple connections) really makes in appealing to me. 

Oh, in terms of timing, I plan to learn how to press the pedals at the correct time in order (this will take some practice) to sync between the two...which shouldn't be that hard, because each time I am recording between the two jammans, I am recording a fresh sample - which in the end means that each time I'm pushing pedals I'm pushing them at the same time (being able to drive a stick shift should leave me fairly well prepared).  Meaning that, I am really only using the second jamman to keep the sound running, while I stop jamman one, save into a loop and then resave into a second loop (so that I can unbuild at the end).  This is getting kind of long so my apologies.  But, here is how I see it working.  Push left pedal on jamman 1 (JM1).  Record sample.  When finished recording push left pedal on JM1 and JM2 - thereby starting to loop sample on JM1 and record into JM2.  When sample is finished playing once, push right pedal on JM1 and left pedal on JM2, thereby stopping playback on JM1 and starting on JM2.  These are all concurrent pedal pushes, so it should be any harder than looping in at the current time in a song or measure...at this point, I can save and resave on JM1 into different loop slots.  To repeat, all I have to do is push the left pedal on JM1 (starting the sample in a fresh loop) while pushing the right pedal on JM2 (stopping the loop from playing) to record on top of the original sound.  Then all I have to do is hold down the right pedal on JM2 to erase that loop (or using the footpedal switch between two tracks to clear the loop).  Then I'm all set to go again.  I guess it does sound a little complicated, but for 600 dollars, I get unlimited loop time and the ability to undo hours worth of sound.  Also - I'm not working in a musical environment in which I need exact timing.  I'll need good timing, but it won't matter if I come in a little off here or there. 

I really appreciate all the replies, because I am becoming more and more convinced that I am on the right track (for what I want to do).  Note* the jamman will also allow me to save recorded performances into my computer.  (Great for archiving a show). 


On 12/11/05, Kim Flint <kflint@loopers-delight.com> wrote:
At 07:54 PM 12/11/2005, hughes.tony@gmail.com wrote:
> > I keep running into this magic number: 198 seconds.  Is it true that
> the EDP
> > only allows for 198 seconds of recorded information?  That's the main
> reason
> > I keep going back to the jamman.

what is it you are planning to do that 198 seconds of loop time would not
be enough? I'm just curious what application would need so much. I don't
think I've seen anyone running into that as a limitation in any practical
context, but maybe you maybe your pieces are really, really long...

> >> > Thanks for the replies.  I think I may be able to do what I want
> with two
> >> > jammans.  Record sample A onto jamman 1, record same sample onto jamman
> >> > two (from jamman one).

How would you get the loop time in jamman 2 to equal the time on jamman 1,
and do it in real time? The Digitech JamMan doesn't have any sync features,
so I don't see how this would be possible.

> >> > Oh, another question, does anyone have any ideas about timing looptracks
> >> > while using the boss/digitech pedal loopers.  Stopwatch?  Computer. It
> >> > seems essential in some cases to know where I am in the loop to overdub
> >> > correctly.

Like others suggested, this sounds like another reason why you might want
to look at a higher-end looper. Those usually have much more display
features. You can't really expect the low end products to do everything.


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