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It's a good compilation! (was: [NEW RELEASE] Looper's Delight Compilation Volume 3

On 5 dec 2005, at 16.54, Sunao Inami wrote:

> I added 45sec mp3 preview each songs for  LD Compilation Volume 3.  
> please visit below:
> http://www.cavestudio.com/electr-ohm/en/LDCD3

A Big Hand to Sunao for doing this! And what a great record this is!  
I've just been enjoying the "Play All Songs" stream at CD Baby and I  
must say that this is typically the kind of CD I have had such hard  
times to find for my listening interest. It's amazing that all this  
content do fit together so perfectly without any curator in charge of  
selecting the pieces. I mean, every contributor was free to submit  
whatever he or she wanted. This is a disc I would buy in loads and  
give to friends even if I didn't know a shit about looping or whoever  
does play on the tracks. It's a good compilation!

In a way it could make sense to use this disc for local media  
promotion instead of your own discs, because this one brings out The  
Vibe Of The Scene so well. Even the stupidest journalist should get  
what it's all about. For a media writer that happen to not having  
done his homework it's also a great introduction to Live Looping, so  
he/she is given a perfect easy way to cover up eventual lack of  
knowledge and start writing about it "as one who knows". That's the  
perfect catch for winding up journalists when doing press  
releases!  ;-)  Especially with a link to Sunao's page (above) that  
offer short info texts on every contributor and further links. Great  
job, Sunao! Thanks.

Another idea:
It would be cool with a Live Looping record company that only puts  
out this type of compilations. Many looping artists tend to be boring  
when they (we) put out complete albums the traditional way, at least  
for the average listener (admit we are nerds on this list ;-). In a  
compilation every artist tends to shine because everyones uniqueness  
- distilled in the live looping process - stands out when lined up  
side to side.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
--->  iTunes Music Store (digital)