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re: looping on NPR

Congratulations, Zoe, on your NPR performance/demonstration

and thanks for spreading the word about live looping!

If you manage to get a copy of this,  I'd be happy to post it to a hidden 
page at my website
for all to see.  Just let me know and I'll tell you how to upload it if 
have the time and energy
(and inclination).

We miss you in the Bay Area, by the way.............The loss of the Natoma 
space you lived in has been
a huge blow to the San Francisco new music scene.  I was so sorry to see 
break up and disappear.

I sincerely hope the Northwest is proving to be fertile ground for you and 
your husband.

I also hope we can entice you to come and play Y2K6 Loop Festival  next 
October in Santa Cruz.    We can get you
a place to stay if you decide to come.

yours,  Rick