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Re: Real-time category

Isn't the point that if the start or end point is incorrect and someone 
recorded the loop while say a drummer was playing, then the loop would 
drift in relation to what the drummer is playing - the drift multiplying 
the loop repeats?  Not an issue if all tracks are recorded - but an issue 
for mixed looping and unlooped playing.

At 2005.12.06 11:22 AM, Jeff Larson wrote:
> > Looping happens to be a very time sensitive application, since users
> > constantly interact with it in a rhythmic fashion and timing 
> > tend to get multiplied as the loop repeats.
>I don't understand this comment.  You may have timing inaccuracies in
>the start or end points of the loop, or the edges of an overdub or
>SUSReplace.  But once recorded the loop plays back in exactly the same
>way every time because of a lovely piece of hardware running a
>real-time OS (your sound card).  The inaccuracies in effect become
>part of the "groove" of the cycle which may or may not be acceptable
>but I don't see how they can get worse as the loop repeats.