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Re: help..advice ...epd and sampler

the thing is i need the backing tracks to sync up with my echoplex 
dp....looking into ableton live...downloaded the demo....getting some 
sonic weirdness when taping the tempo at diferent speeds than the wav. 
temo.....anyone else using it with a edp?



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  On 12/3/05, Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:
> On Dec 3, 2005, at 21:19, enat21213@aol.com wrote:
> > i'm looking to get into playing with backing tracks live....what's
> > a good hardware device (sampler) that will hold multiple songs
> > around 3-4-5 minutes.
> Why not get a cheap DAT recorder or mini disc? I mean if it's static
> backing tracks that would be totally fool proof. I've been touring
> with backing tracks on CD and DAT (2 tr stereo as well as 8 tr ADAT)
> and with CD you really have to get a "DJ safe" CD player. You can not
> rely on the venues to have that. Problems with some CD players is
> that bass frequencies at loud levels make the backing track stutter.
> That's why we always used DAT for backing tracks.
> As "backing track sampler" I guess any hard drive based recorder
> would do fine.

Seems like an mp3 player would work too.  You could even set up a
playlist  in your iPod (everyone has an iPod now, right?) and zip
right through your set list.  Just a thought.