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Re: Custom echoplex floorboard.

You can go directly to version 2 by using this URL:


I took that Angstrom pedalboard and added a trimmed-down wooden shelf 
partcle board with wood-grain covering) to the inside. Two reasons:

1. It makes it easier to plug cables into mounted pedals. The Angstrom
pedalboard's surface is sunk in about an inch below the sides, which tends 
obscure the jacks if they are close to the edge.

2. It doesn't collect cat hair as much.

Then I had a friend cut out those two angled pieces of shelf stuff and 
wood screws into them (with glue for extra strength since the particle 
isn't that strong).

It's kind heavy, but it works fine. I've never had a problem even when 
moving it
around a lot. When I set up, I have one power cable for each pedalboard. 
split cable for the guitar plugs into the EQ and tuner on the right. One 
cable goes from the right board to the left board. Then an XLR comes off 
left board into my PA.

Mark Smart
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> Thanks David, that's it.
> David Morton wrote:
> >On 12/3/05, Matt Cordrey <mlc@funkstille.com> wrote:
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> >>Does anyone recall seeing the picture of the custom floorboard that
> >>someone built, with his echoplex angled up above his other gear?  I
> >>
> >>
> >
> >http://www.marksmart.net/gearhack/jazzpedalboard/jazzpedalboard.html
> >and scroll down to version 2.
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