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RE: For Mellotron afficionados...

Title: RE: For Mellotron afficionados...

>>Hey Duncan (et al), check this out:


this chap & his fabulous box turned up on the mellotron list just about the time I was finally unsubscribing after eight years or so of transatlantic name-calling by the various factions.

I love it- it keeps alive the original spirit, sort of.
I'd actually visited his site before, long before this thing was built, while looking for resources for.. er... a moog source. he'd gone to the trouble of replacing the membrane switchgear on a friend's source, with proper push-buttons. yikes.

luckily, some other enterprising soul has started a limited production of a clone of the original panel & so I have one of those on standby in case either of my sources starts acting up. ("chip-for-brains").

my own mellotron is fully supported by streetly electronics in the UK, who are still making tapes on the original EMI tape stock for the things. they also refurbish & align the machines. there are other folks performing this work too, I should add in the interests of avoiding an international diplomatic crisis of the sort that so frequently damages the tranquility of the mellotron's own mailing list.

before streetly were up & running, I was in a state of mild panic over my m400. the original tapes still worked, but were somewhat mildewed & frequently refused to rewind. pictures of the machine at this time show the front panel removed so that the tapes could be tugged back to their starts manually. I also wondered where the heck I was going to get other sounds for it, since the tapes in a standard m400 are 3/8" wide... I even made enquiries of the BBC, who'd used the machines for sound-effects/foley in radio studios.... one of the first things I bought from streetly was a set of 1/4" combs to fit in the machine so that 1/4" tape could be guided reliably past the 35 heads. the first tapeset I made myself was of e-bowed guitar & prophet 2000 string samples. great fun.

this weekend, btw, I shall be adding a line 6 echo-pro to the rack that holds my repeater, powertran mcs-1 & bel bd80.



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