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Re: The End of Timeless Instruments? (Craig Anderton editorial)

Judging by the (lack of) success with audio implementation in Mac OS X's Classic Mode, I am skeptical about the ability to emulate for these purposes in the future. Think about all of the problems you've had with drivers for soundcards or audio interfaces in the past. On the bright side, I think current level and future OS's will minimize this problem.
I really liked the article, and it made me think. I work with both hard (for lack of a better descriptor) and soft instruments, and think that the possibility of hard instruments never changing and soft instruments disappearing and changing is a pretty exciting one. The creative process can quickly become routine, and changes in your tools can help interrupt that repetitive tendency.

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> > Few things in life are certain.  Two of them however are:
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> >    1) Someone will make a lot of money on the Antique VST Host Emulator
> Or it'll be release as freeware like MAME ( www.mame.net) so we can play with
> all those toys we had in the dim and distant past.

Yeah, I think this is likely. Just a couple of years ago I was able to resurrect
a bunch of programs I wrote on my Commodore VIC-20 in 1983 for use with the VICE
Commodore emulator:


Someone was actually crazy enough to write a program that takes your old VIC-20
or C64 cassette tapes and turns them into files that the VICE emulator can
understand. You play the tape into your computer and record it as a .wav. Then
this program munches on it and turns it into a tape image file. I tried it and
it worked the first time. The tapes were 20 years old! Pretty impressive. Now on
my PC I can play the twisted video games I wrote in Basic when I was 15.

If someone will write a VIC-20 tape converter, then it's likely someone in the
future will write a free VST host to work on Windows ZZ. At least I hope so. I
will be really bummed if Native Instruments goes out of business and I can't use
Reaktor anymore!

Mark Smart