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Re: Mobius on the Receptor (was Repeater-- Speculation and disinformation)

On Oct 14, 2005, at 13:40, Kris Hartung wrote:

> Better yet, PSP84. I like that versi0n much more than PSP42..much more
> powerful, but also processing intensive.  PSP84 is laced through  
> most all my
> live recordings  in the last 8 months. You do mean the current VST  
> plugins,
> right?
> Kris

Yes, I mean the current VST plug-ins. I guess you're talking sound  
effects concerning the PSP84 and I totally agree with you on that.  
The '84 is a great sound mangler! I have been using it for years,  
since the very first version, and like you I just like it to be  
somewhere in the mix to color some instrument. I also like to play  
live through the PSP84.

But for looping the '42 is better suited IMO, since it has this  
freeze loop function as well as a half/double speed (octave) button.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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