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Re: Mobius on the Receptor (was Repeater-- Speculation anddisinformation)

Kelly Coyle wrote:
> Hey, since I'm here, I'm awaiting a Receptor. I'm eager to see if  
> Mobius will run on it. Loopy Llama does, anyway, along with a lot of  
> pretty cool delays. I'll post if it does (or not) when I can test it  
> (once I get it).

Sorry to disappoint you but I'm fairly certain Mobius will not run
on a Receptor.  Mobius was originally designed as a standalone
application and as such it is not a "pure" VST plugin.  In particular
it does not use VSTGUI, a popular cross-platform user interface toolkit
that a lot of plugins use.  Some of the synchronization features also
require that it make direct contact with Windows MIDI devices which is
not allowed in portable VSTs.

Unless they've done a spectacular job on their Windows emulator
(Receptor internally runs Linux) I doubt it will work.   If you
get any diagnostic messages with details about what Receptor didn't
like I'd like to see them.