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Re: I just wanna insert!

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From: "Claude Voit" <c.voit@vtx.ch>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 12:23 PM
Subject: Re: I just wanna insert!

> the trick is to let the foot on the insert switch till you're done then 
> it where you want the insert to stop (good EDP exercise btw)
> this is possible if your B part is longer than the detection of a long
> press (1-2 secs ??)
> if you wannt to enter glitch land and insert very small snippets 
> If you have a midi footped that can sent toggling messages you could
> recreate the function (direct midi) you wanted at the beginning
> Claude

Thanks, Claude.
That ALMOST works. Or rather, it works in terms of making that loop 
contain the
right stuff. Unfortunately, it seems like after I do the insert, the 
thinks that the end of the inserted section is now the beginning of the 
loop. So
when I hit Next Loop to go to the other loop (the background for playing 
on) it jumps to that loop after the B section rather than at the place 
where the
original beginning was. (I use SwitchQuant to switch between loops)

It happens like this:

I record in my three "A" sections:

A1  A2  A3

Then when that plays back, I hit and hold Insert while playing in the "B"
section. The end result that I want is this:

A1  A2  B  A3

But what I get is:

A3  A1  A2  B

It has redefined the beginning of the loop to be on the beginning of A3. 
So if I
hit Nextloop it changes loops in the wrong place. Maybe I still have 
set wrong, I dunno.

Maybe I should give up on trying to have different drums on the bridge. 
easier to deal with!

Mark Smart