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Re: I just wanna insert!

the trick is to let the foot on the insert switch till you're done then 
it where you want the insert to stop (good EDP exercise btw)

this is possible if your B part is longer than the detection of a long 
press (1-2 secs ??)
if you wannt to enter glitch land and insert very small snippets Insert:SUS
If you have a midi footped that can sent toggling messages you could 
recreate the function (direct midi) you wanted at the beginning


> Hi all.
> I was playing with the Insert function on the EDP for the first time this
> morning and having some problems. For my jazz stuff I set the EDP for
> Quantize=off, RoundMode=off and SwitchQuant=Loop. I was trying to do an 
> accompaniment pattern with a different drum loop on the B than on the A. 
> So I
> would play in three A sections (not using Mulitiply, just playing them 
> three in back to back). Then I hit Record to loop that back. When the 
> came
> for the B section I would hit Insert, and play it in.
> What I would LIKE to happen is to hit some pedal to stop inserting, and 
> have
> the last A section still be there when I'm finished, to make a complete 
> form.
> The problem is...if I hit Record to stop inserting, it does the 
> ending" thing and blows away the last A section I recorded. If I hit 
> Insert
> again, it doesn't immediately stop inserting, it waits until an amount 
> time
> equal to the original AAA loop goes by before it stops. Is there some 
> I can
> do a simple insert without it rounding things off at all? Right now I 
> InsertMode set to "Ins". Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
> Mark Smart