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RE: effects/synth/sequencer/loops=palm sized unit

Right On Claude, fine points all around. Though as I look at my two 
stuffed to the gills preparing for Europe, I too long for something 
and I ultimately feel that what ever a person buys, the danger in sounding
like everyone else is in direct proportion to the amount of time (or lack
of) the individual puts in to designing sounds to make it their own
signature sound. That being said, I have a Boss VF1 that I bought to create
a suitcase rig ( I bought an roland GFC-50 midi pedal to control it, small
by most foot pedal standards) and though it is very powerful, I found its
amp modeling to be a bit unsatisfying, it is spectacular for acoustic
guitars, bass, vocals , keyboards, general sonic mangleing, etc. However,
having as my bench mark the type of rig you described, below (substitute
Fender and Vox amps for the Marshall) I would say it is nearly impossible.
That being said, I am absolutely astounded by the sound quality and all
important "feel" of the Vox tonelab Se, and though I can barely fit it
length wise in my suitcase,and its a heavy beast, it has become my amp and
effects rig, and it is way more flexable amd powerful than my pedal board
and tube amp rig, and very easy to tweek on the fly with an intuitive knob
array. These aren't cheap but they have recently dropped the price and 
is a desk top version  that is smaller for those who don't need much foot
control or can get by with a smaller midi pedal and less control. When 
the Giant last came to Santa Cruz he was sporting the desk top Tonelab, and
any one who saw us both play that night will attest to the fact that we
sound completely different. Andre sounded like Andre and I sounded like
myself. I think the only danger in do-all boxes is that people use them to
sound like other people when they could be tweeking them to sound like
themselves. I'm currently in the proccess of eliminating all Van Halen
presets from my Tone lab Ha! Ha! So in the interest of pairing down, my
mackie mixer,big rack with effects, extra guitars, et al. will remain at
home, and it will still seem to some folks like I have too much gear! I am
personally a bit leary of relying on a lap top to do everything, but when
you see Gareth Whitock play in Zurich you will see that it can be done, and
done very well. see You there.
Bill Walker
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how long do ya think it will be untill someone puts it all together in one
small package?i fear the big manufacturers dont want to make it so easy for
us.they are concerned too much with profits and selling us peice by piece
yet remain competitive.like the oil companies silence fuel alternatives.

everything in one small box is a marketing illusion
1- all users will sound the same (same algorythms, same preset sounds, same
philosophy of user interface,)
2-thinking you can produce the same multidimentional beautiful sound of 
marshall tube amp, boutique pedals, lex reverb, edp looper etc..in one box
is again a marketing illusion.
3-hoping you can tweak and adjust your incredible sound palette on the spot
on a palm sized box is another dream (you will need midi interfaces, foot
pedals, knob boards etc...
4- if y ever have a bug, malfunction , you are dead ----- no show

small is small, cheap is alway cheap, marketing is illusion

I will continue to carry my 2 4u racks, pedal boards acoustic guitars
etc...., because it is MY unique sound pallette combination, MY user
interface decisions, MY sound quality requirement, MY Music...


PS: I use a palm for sysex backups on the road :=)