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Re: effects/synth/sequencer/loops=palm sized unit

how long do ya think it will be untill someone puts it all together in one 
small package?i fear the big manufacturers dont want to make it so easy 
us.they are concerned too much with profits and selling us peice by piece 
yet remain competitive.like the oil companies silence fuel alternatives.

everything in one small box is a marketing illusion
1- all users will sound the same (same algorythms, same preset sounds, 
philosophy of user interface,)
2-thinking you can produce the same multidimentional beautiful sound of 
marshall tube amp, boutique pedals, lex reverb, edp looper etc..in one box 
is again a marketing illusion.
3-hoping you can tweak and adjust your incredible sound palette on the 
on a palm sized box is another dream (you will need midi interfaces, foot 
pedals, knob boards etc...
4- if y ever have a bug, malfunction , you are dead ----- no show

small is small, cheap is alway cheap, marketing is illusion

I will continue to carry my 2 4u racks, pedal boards acoustic guitars 
etc...., because it is MY unique sound pallette combination, MY user 
interface decisions, MY sound quality requirement, MY Music...


PS: I use a palm for sysex backups on the road :=)