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OT: Velcro inventor................arrrrrrgggggggghhhh!!!!!!

I"m so bereft:

I read an article years ago in a Sunday supplement that said that Stanley 
was the inventor of Velcro.     I even clipped his picture and framed it 
'Wall of Velcro'.

Reading the post by Claude Voit, I now discover that the reporter was 

Do to this terrible, terrible discovery  I realize I may not be able to 
claim to be the
"King of Velcro".

Oh my god.         Is life worth living any longer?

How could this have come to be?


ps oh, and by the way:      fuck the Velcro company for claiming that we 
cannot use the word Velcro to describe our
blessed pedal board fasteners!!!!!   oh, yeah,  and for artificially 
the price of Velcro so high.
There I said it and feel a little better.