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Error on starting version 7...

When starting v7:

Process Description:
Process Name:  C:\Program Files\Mobius\mobius.exe
Module Description:  System Generated
Module Name:  System Generated
Dialog Caption:  System Generated
Dialog Text:  The instruction at 0x78009047 tried to access memory at
0x00000000, the read failed.

Windows 2000 SP4, all updates
Gigabyte / Sempron MB/CPU, 1.9GHz, nVidia2 chipset
ATI All-in-Wonder Pro 128 (to be replaced in May)
30GB Free on HDD, no errors, fairly defragmented

Running software at time of incident:
MS Anti-Spyware
Spybot S&D
Trend Virus via Fix-it Pro
Tablet driver for DrawingBoard III

This error is repeatable, and the addresses referred to above do not 

What else might I tell you?

Stephen Goodman
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