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Re: Mackie-QuadraVerb Question

It depends on how much crucial stereo information is coming from your
source, because all that will be lost if you use the Aux send.  I'd
suggest recording the stereo output of whatever you're using and then
running it back into the mixer and do an a/b test with the QV in both
points in the signal chain and see if it makes a significant
difference to your ears.

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 16:05:55 -0000, Stephen Goodman
<spgoodman@earthlight.net> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Here's a question even the leprachauns and the squirrels couldn't answer.
> I've got two options to set the Mackie 1202vlz up with the QuadraVerb 
> 1. Mackie Main Outs (L/R)
>     -> QuadraVerb (L/R)
>     -> Line-in (PC)
> or
> 2. Mackie Aux2 Out (mono)
>     -> QuadraVerb (mono)
>     -> QuadraVerb (L/R) Out
>     -> Mackie Aux2 Return (L/R)
>     -> Mackie Main Outs (L/R)
>     -> Line-in (PC)