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Lead Guitar syndrome

  Nothing personal but if someone is running the tempo,and the bass and 
drums have to keep up the group isn't in the groove. A gig would have to 
really juicy,or worthwhile in some way for me to put up with what you're 
describing.The "leader" would really have to deliver the goods musically 
financially.I  played in a band with a singer who could do full on James 
Brown,Otis Redding,Wilson Picket stuff His own style, with all that sort 
showmanship -he could work any crowd into a frenzy ,he liked to keep the 
band on a short leash,to keep us mean.When things got to the edge of out 
control he'd say "hit me" and the drummer hit a snare shot,and the whole 
band would drop in volume and complexity.and start building again-the sort 
of thing that can drive a woman (or a man but I don;t swing that way) or 
audience totally nuts. It was really,reallyfun ,for awhile But even James 
Brown's bands periodically quit,cause they get tired of the control 
trip.They'd get fined $50.if their shoes weren't shined onstage or for 
making mistakes.
     I want  to have the guitar player ,singer ,dancers ,club owners and 
such problematic people in the riffomatic,and sit there playing my congas 
while a whole band comes through the speakers.
  Maybe the audience too.Is there a way to incorprate an ATM?