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RE: Re: RiffBox

Title: RE: Re: RiffBox

>>Surely guitarists will buy this because it says "easy" a lot in the
publicity and then be totally baffled by it.<<

I think it's the sort of thing my guitarist would understand instantly, but that I would struggle with for days before placing it carefully in the growing pile of other dust-magnets..... a bit too left-brain for me, that UI.

it also raises the issue of where the main tempo control resides in one's band. for my guitarist, this again would be no problem. he hates playing along with anybody else, & works with me & the drummer under sufferance. this is especially noticeable when we are using midi sequencers aswell as live drums, & he's trying to do manuel gottsching-type echo arpeggios into his jam-man using a tap-tempo dl4 in front. hopeless. he'd love to be able to do what he does in his other band, which is to say he runs the tempo. & the drummer & bass player just have to try to keep up.

if we bought one of these, he might be able to do that. but then he & the drummer would probably kill each other.

I suspect this box is (intentionally or no) ideal for the lead-guitarist-who-wants-to-run-everything scenario. so far as I can see, it will export a midi clock but not respond to one, & then there's this weird behaviour (which can only be defeated under certain operational strictures) of sending starts & stops to the synced device whenever a record or play op is initiated. very odd. even the reissue EH doesn't do that.

this, of course, is all academic hot air if the thing can't do what it says vis a vis copping a reliable pulse from audio input. if it was that easy ("patent applied for", they say...) then we'd be surrounded by echo pedals cleverer than apollo 11 was. the repeater doesn't make a great job of it.....

if there's a hint of bitterness about this, it's because I own a kahler human-clock..... I've yet to see an account of one of those strange puppies being used on-stage. anyone want to buy it? it is just about good enough to take a kick-drum from a multitrack & give you a reasonable stripe, so remixers would get some mileage.... but really kahler should've stuck to making whammy systems.




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