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Re: Effects drop out (was RE: Digitech GNX4)

Ah progress... the Digitech 2120 didn't do this.  It's
a great guitar effect processor and has pretty cool
looping capabilities too.  The only reason I gave mine
up was because I wanted a solution that didn't envolve
a rack and a floor controller.  The box I ended up
with was the Vox Tonelab SE.  I think it's a great box
and doesn't have the patch gap issue other units have.
 It's more or less instant.  Where it disappoints is
in it's reverbs and chorus effects which sound like
stomp boxes and I like more of a hi-fi sound. 
However, if you want a box that sounds and feels like
you've got a guitar plugged into a bunch of stomp
boxes that feed into a tube amp, this is the best I've


--- Gary Lehmann <hqr@cox.net> wrote:

> Yes, even the wonderful MPX-G2 does this--oh well--
> Gary
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> From: Claude Voit [mailto:c.voit@vtx.ch] 
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> Subject: Re: Digitech GNX4
> Brian
> even the most expensive effects (2000$ and up ) have
> this type of delay/drop
> out so you'll have to play with it or using a
> split-paralell-merge type of
> effect routing
> Claude
> >I have a Digitech RP-300 guitar effects processor,
> and the worst thing 
> >about it is a noticable delay or "dropout" when
> switching between patches.
> >I consider this to be totally unacceptable, and
> Digitech told me this 
> >delay is inherent in the system (must be a slow ROM
> chip). I wonder if 
> >this is still an issue with the GNX4?
> >
> > DJ, do you find there is a dropout or delay when
> switching patches?
> >
> > Brian