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Re: PCM 80 mem upgrade, (and more)

On Feb 27, 2005, at 9:30 PM, Randy Leifer wrote:
> Save that and give it a go. Movement of the fader in
> question should change the tempo, and you will see the
> number inc/dec if you are in the Tempo Mode, (0.0)

setting the tempo of the PCM-80 works well for short delay times (less 
than a bar) but if you're trying to do looping it doesn't calculate the 
tempo accurately enough.

it will drift out of sync against Numerology or Digital Performer. i 
have not tried it with the TR-909 but the 909 doesn't really accurately 
calculate tempo either.

however, if you calculate bar length values in seconds.milliseconds at 
one and 16 bars and then use the Adjust parameter to set the bar length 
from 1 to 16 indexed to your one and sixteen bar values it maintains 
reasonable sync with Numerology to last a 13 minute song.

this is, however, a lot of work. i've got an Appleworks spreadsheet 
around here that has a whole slew of bar values in it to help me with 
this. if anyone wants this to aid in PCM-80 programming let me know and 
i'll put it on my site.

even with the spreadsheet it is still a lot of work.


Eric Williamson