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re: PCM 80 mem upgrade, (and more)

I was able to get a pair(2) of 4meg SIMMs -mail order.
Installed them, moved the jumper, powered up...and
it's done. works.

About the timimg issue (or lack of)I don't know if
this is of help, but I found this. I'm copy/pasting
    quote:JingleJungle said:
    I have purchased a Peavey PC1600x controller which
I am happily using as a LARC unit for my lexicon

Sweet! I use a Peavey PC1600x with my Lexicon PCM-81
as well. [Smile]

    quote:JingleJungle said:
    The only thing I cannot manage to send is a value
for MIDI tempo. I can tell the Lexicon to receive the
tempo via a CC message but still it isn’t reading it.

The Lexicon PCM-81 Tempo Source (location 0.2 in the
matrix) may be set via one of three methods:

1. internal rate (location 0.0 in the matrix)
2. front panel tap button
3. incoming MIDI clock

Note that MIDI CC is not a valid source with which to
set the tempo of the PCM-81. (pp. 2-19 through 2-20 in
the manual.)

    quote:JingleJungle said:
    The PCM81 is supposed to read the 0-127 MIDI range
and apply it to its 40-400 bpm clock but somehow it
isn’t happening...

Actually, the PCM-81 can use Tempo Rate as a source in
its modulation matrix, and it maps the 40-400 tempo to
a range of 0-127, but the reverse is not true. (p. 5-7
in the manual.)

Also, if you go into your mod matrix and choose a MIDI
CC as a source for one of your mod routings, notice
that Tempo Rate is not an available destination for
the routing.

In short, there is no way to control the Lexicon
PCM-81’s tempo by means of a MIDI CC value.

however... [Big Grin]

Since the PC-1600x can send MIDI SysEx, we can use it
to control the PCM-81 tempo...it just gets a little
more complicated. [Wink] (btw, this should work for a
PCM-80 also, but since I do not own on of those, I
cannot confirm it.)

First, we need to make sure the PCM-81 is set to be
controlled via SysEx. Check to make sure the following
are set properly in the PCM-81 matrix:

Control Mode (1.2) System Tempo Mode = GLOBAL
Control Mode (3.1) MIDI Receive = OMNI
Control Mode (3.4) MIDI Automation = ON
Control Mode (3.4) MIDI Target ID = ALL (127)**
Control Mode (3.7) MIDI SysEx = RECEIVE ON
Control Mode (3.7) MIDI Device ID = 0**

** use the Load/* key to access these params when
positioned at the address in the matrix...e.g., (3.4)
will toggle between MIDI Automation and MIDI Target

Now move to the Peavey PC-1600x. In the setup you have
built, select and edit the fader you were trying to
use for tempo. Change its settings to these:

Function: String
String Sequence: F0 06 07 dv 0B 00 20 00 pr pr pr pr
Min: 0
Max: 360
Param Format: 4Byte, Nibs, lo->hi
Name: Tempo (or whatever you like)

Here is how the string is defined:

F0 = SysEx message ID
06 = Lexicon ID
07 = PCM-80 ID (81 will also recognize this)
dv = Device ID
0B 00 = SysEx Message Type = Parameter Dump
20 00 = Global Tempo Value
pr pr pr pr = lo to hi nibble-ized Decimal Tempo Value
F7 = SysEx End-of-Message

(note that in the hexadecimal string, the “0” glyph is
a numeric zero, not the letter “O.”)

Save that and give it a go. Movement of the fader in
question should change the tempo, and you will see the
number inc/dec if you are in the Tempo Mode, (0.0)
Rate location in the matrix. You should also see the
tempo LED blink rate change (if you have it set to

Hope that helps! [Smile]

blesséd be,

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