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Re: Ethel concert in Los Angeles

On Feb 26, 2005, at 22:57, Richard Zvonar wrote:
> Andre LaFosse and I attended the Ethel concert in Los Angeles this 
> afternoon. It was insanely great!
> Ethel is the string quartet to which list-member Todd Reynolds 
> belongs. Most of you are probably aware of Todd's activities as a 
> looper, and if you're lucky you may even have heard him play (he's a 
> monster). Though it would be a stretch to call Ethel a "conventional" 
> string quartet, they have the chops and musical sensitivity to 
> impress classical and contemporary music audiences alike. I was 
> certainly knocked out!

Thanks for the pointer! Caught them up in Berkeley this afternoon and 
very much enjoyed the show.

And the program told us that Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack 
DeJohnette will be there March 9.

I might drive over highway 17 to hear Rick Walker right now but I just 
got back from Berkeley (an hour in the other direction) and it is 
raining very hard ...


Doug Wyatt