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Re: ugly racks of gear

I play standing, with a 6-space rack on the floor at my feet, angled up 
slighty by resting it on one of the rack lids.  My few stompboxes are on 
top of that lid, and an FCB1010 sits on the ground just below it.

 From the stage it looks like a guitar player with a slightly bulky 

Does this get the ok from Kim? :)

I admit that I've toyed with one of those high stools with a backrest by 
On-Stage Stands.  It just ended up being in the way.

I haven't fallen down yet - but close!


Andreas Wetterberg wrote:

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>Subject: Re: ugly racks of gear
>I've carried a keyboard stand to put my rack on to my right side for
>years.  The people who want to watch the blinky lights and
>knob-twiddling can scrounge a seat on stage left.
>People don't really play in public with a rack between them and the
>audience do they?
>-unfortunately; yes they do...
>-if he turned his rack and laptop the audience might find out that he's
>actually checking his email (and possibly even replying, using a
>sophisticated bass->midi->text input system)