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Mobius crash on Windows 2000, are scripts useful?

We've determined the reason Mobius crashes on Windows 2000.
Go to the installation directory and delete or rename
the file "init.scr", it should run after that.

This is the initialization script, which actually does nothing
so you don't need it.  I'm baffled as to why this is sensitive
to the OS version.

While I'm bothering everyone, I would be interested in knowing
how people feel about the concept of scripts.  A script is essentially
a list of functions you want performed at specific times, for example:

   Preset 1
   set quantize subcycle
   Wait Record
   Wait Cycle
   Wait 2000 msecs

What this says is, select preset 1 then override the quantize
setting to subcycle.  Start a recording, then wait for the next Record
function which ends the recording.  Then wait for one cycle and
perform an Insert.  Wait 2 seconds and perform another insert.

Scripts can be then be bound to keys or MIDI events.  I developed this
primarily for testing and to implement "macros" to initialize Mobius
in a certain way.  But it could be interesting in performance if
you have pieces that follow a regular structure.  You can pause and resume
a script if you want to go off on your own for awhile.  I don't say much
about this in the manual, but if anyone is interested in exploring this
I'll send you more information.