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List member Todd Reynolds in LA and Berkeley with his band Ethelin late Feb.

Title: List member Todd Reynolds in LA and Berkeley with his band Ethel in late Feb.
Dear Folks,

In the spirit of offering up our music, sheet or otherwise, I offer up a few performances in the coming weeks for our west coast list members.  Please know that if I had the power to, I would offer up reduced fare tix for my brethren and sistren, but I don’t.  You may feel free to contact me to see if I have any comps left.  (we usually get a few for the band), and if my own colleagues are not using theirs, I am happy to oblige.  

Ethel, my string quartet, will be performing in LA at the DaCamera Society on Feb. 26th and the following day at Cal State Berkeley in Hertz Hall, Feb. 27th.  Both are daytime performances and I’ll offer the links below for your digestion.  We often play some of my own music, none of the live looping stuff though.  Phil Kline’s music will be on the program.  As I am originally a west coast boy, it will be nice to be home.

I humbly submit that Ethel is indeed a hoot.  And if you come, I would love to know that you are there...  Please know that in addition to the gigs below, we’ll be coming back to the wilshire theater in april or may on a triple bill with Todd Rundgren and Joe Jackson, who we’re with for three months.  Two in the states, one in europe.  These two concerts however are our own and have a little more avant slant than the set we’ll do with JJ and TR...

I wish you all the best,  Todd

Here are some links...


The gigs themselves...