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Re: Mobius bugs

Alan Kroeger wrote:
> Hmm yeah that happens but, it disappears pretty quickly with mine and it
> only happens when I switch to a track that is using a different preset. 
> coarse maybe it helps that I have a gig of memory but, I only have two in
> and two out on my Audiophile 2496 ???

This sounds like the "preset alert".  This is a little popoup window
that should display for a few seconds whenever the preset changes.  The
intent here was that during performance, changing presets with a foot 
you would have some visible feedback about the preset you had just 
If everyone hates it, I can easily make it go away :-)

> -if i want to slice the loop via multiply and record end it wont react
> exactly in time.

Unrounded multiply is one of the things that requires an ASIO driver
to avoid a slight skip immediately after the record end.  If that is what
you're hearing, it is compensating for latency but you should only hear
it on the first play of the new loop.  I also quantize the record end
if quantize is on, I'm not sure if the EDP does this. If not I can add
a parameter to disable it.