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Re: SooperLooper beta released for OSX

Very cool Michael.  Definitely has shades of Pink Floyd's "Several
Species...."  Great stereo seperation.  I agree with Mr. Reynolds that
it sounds like three channels in front of you.  Makes it very easy to
follow each of the loops individually.

Great sound from that internal microphone too.  Some clipping problems

mjnoble wrote:

>  arr, tis a beautiful thing.
>  works a treat, and in testing it out I put together a quick umm,
>  piece of non-music sound-technology as entertainment. for those who
>  want some light listening, go here:
>  http://looplog.org/ooo/cheapmonkguerilla.mp3
>  (be warned, it's a 6mb file...)
>  made with voice recorded thru ibook internal microphone and
>  sooperlooper (5 single channel loops)
>  cheers michael
>  .