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Re: Mobius system requirements

For what it's worth, I have a USB 2.0 audio interface (the Edirol 
UA-1000 rack mount unit), and it has performed VERY well in the 
experiments I've tried with it.  I have used it for audio and (small 
amounts of) MIDI simultaneously, and managed latency in the teens 
(11-15ms if I remember correctly) using Ableton Live.

I can't compare to Firewire or PCMCIA, because I've never tried either 
with my laptop.  However, I'm confident that the UA-1000 will give me 
decent preformance when I finally fire up the Mobius Technological 
Enslavement Device, and begin focusing on technology with little or no 
musical historical perspective :)

I'll let ya know soon!


Chris Kline wrote:

>I have an overview of setting up a laptop for looping at
>PCMCIA is faster and less cpu-intensive, but the options are very
>limited...I can't find any cardbus interfaces that support 4 analog
>ins/outs.  It's either stereo in/out or 8 million digital in/outs in a
>rack-unit like on hammerfall.  You also have to deal with flimsy
>adaptors & cables.
>Firewire is a dependable standard, and I can get a consistant 64 sample
>latency with the M-audio Firewire 410 (3ms from guitar to amp).  I have
>heard that other firewire interfaces are only as good as their drivers -
>and bad things about the Presonus firestation.  But I firewire can't be
>dismissed as being in the same category as USB.  USB is an entirely
>different and slower spec never meant for audio.... USB 2.0 has more
>bandwidth than firewire but from what I hear it is still slower to
>deliver the data in a time-critical fashion...it only gets cranking when
>you are transferring files and such.
>Per Boyson wrote:
>Do not go for USB audio or FireWire audio with PC. Go for a PCMCIA 
>card. One that is loved by many laptop PC musicians is the Indigo Echo 
>i/o. It gives you stereo in and stereo out with superb  sound quality 
>to a modest price.