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RE: Mobius system requirements

I have an overview of setting up a laptop for looping at

PCMCIA is faster and less cpu-intensive, but the options are very
limited...I can't find any cardbus interfaces that support 4 analog
ins/outs.  It's either stereo in/out or 8 million digital in/outs in a
rack-unit like on hammerfall.  You also have to deal with flimsy
adaptors & cables.

Firewire is a dependable standard, and I can get a consistant 64 sample
latency with the M-audio Firewire 410 (3ms from guitar to amp).  I have
heard that other firewire interfaces are only as good as their drivers -
and bad things about the Presonus firestation.  But I firewire can't be
dismissed as being in the same category as USB.  USB is an entirely
different and slower spec never meant for audio.... USB 2.0 has more
bandwidth than firewire but from what I hear it is still slower to
deliver the data in a time-critical fashion...it only gets cranking when
you are transferring files and such.

Per Boyson wrote:
Do not go for USB audio or FireWire audio with PC. Go for a PCMCIA 
card. One that is loved by many laptop PC musicians is the Indigo Echo 
i/o. It gives you stereo in and stereo out with superb  sound quality 
to a modest price.