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ola to all EUROLOOPERKINDERN!.....i REALLY want to come to this fest and meet and perhaps play with you cats but here is a problem that i face: to fly to ZURICH the cost is apx $1000. yet in my sunday newspaper they list flights to FRANKFURT for $450.....my funds are very limited yet i would like to spend about 2 weeks in EUROPE, i have never been there and i doubt that this chance will come again.....what can i do?.....i am looking for suggestions, i'm pretty much open to anything.....the CALILOOPERKINDERN will tell you that i am somewhat well behaved and even housebroken!.....:).....right now i'm looking for ideas (places to stay, gigs to play).....if nothing comes of this, i will just try to get to ZURICH and drive BERNHARD crazy.....:).....please respond off list for i will be very embarassed if everyone tells me to stay home!.....:).....tanks!.....michael