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Re: 'You actually do Loop, right?' Or' Do you play an instrument or a device?' (was) RE: Re......

On Feb 15, 2005, at 10:42 AM, Alan Kroeger wrote:

>  Just curious Larry and this by no means or implies you should not be 
> here
> if the answer is no but, you do actually own/use a looping device, 
> right?

not anymore Alan, so I'm the unsanctioned.  After July I sold them all. 
  I actually left them at y2k4, totally forgot them and had to drive 
back up to Santa Cruz to get them.
> It's fine that someone pops off about too much gearhead'ism round here 
> cause
> sometimes that does seem to be the topic of the day. Heck I don't even 
> mind
> if they don't loop or ever plug in and want to make a comment about
> overusage of Electro Toys.

I do use processors though and have a good time with noise and such.
> I personally do keep acoustic instruments around and even play/practice
> unplugged because (yes) sometimes the devices take over and you end up
> playing them and not the instrument you supposedly play. Now that isn't
> necessarily a bad thing either but, it can become difficult to decide 
> if you
> actually play a guitar or a violin or a synth/multi effect/Looper...

I understand that these things cost a lot of money.  i get them off of 
eBay because they're cheap.  I'm looking at my stuff: Marshall JMP-1, 
Carvin Tone Navigator, Apex 204, Digiteck TSP-12,  Digitech Studio Quad 
and a stereo guitar.  I'm not immune to this stuff.  I am a teenager 
too, you know and still have trouble realizing I'm not.

It's just music that gets sidetracked when you've got a gear hankering.
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>> pardon me while i go masturbate to some john cage records to humble
>> myself in the ways of art music.
> i though looping was masturbation.  i am a composer eric so i don't
> masturbate.  let me see here; um art music is like science, you can't
> masturbate to it because that would be pop music based on the 
> production of
> "product." art music is based on science and you can't rediscover 
> gravity.
> newton already did that.  masturbation is antithetical to it all....
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