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'You actually do Loop, right?' Or' Do you play an instrument or a device?' (was) RE: Re......

 Just curious Larry and this by no means or implies you should not be here
if the answer is no but, you do actually own/use a looping device, right?
It's fine that someone pops off about too much gearhead'ism round here 
sometimes that does seem to be the topic of the day. Heck I don't even mind
if they don't loop or ever plug in and want to make a comment about
overusage of Electro Toys.
I personally do keep acoustic instruments around and even play/practice
unplugged because (yes) sometimes the devices take over and you end up
playing them and not the instrument you supposedly play. Now that isn't
necessarily a bad thing either but, it can become difficult to decide if 
actually play a guitar or a violin or a synth/multi effect/Looper...

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> pardon me while i go masturbate to some john cage records to humble 
> myself in the ways of art music.

i though looping was masturbation.  i am a composer eric so i don't
masturbate.  let me see here; um art music is like science, you can't
masturbate to it because that would be pop music based on the production of
"product." art music is based on science and you can't rediscover gravity.
newton already did that.  masturbation is antithetical to it all....
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