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Re: Aarset gear / Turkish sound

Thanks Sim, I just love it when you are introduced to a new artist that 
really excites you.  Thanks again!

On Feb 14, 2005, at 8:16 AM, simeon harris wrote:

> i'd go with Electronique Noir or Light Extracts for solo stuff - Light 
> Extracts is slightly more chilled and ambient in places, but maybe not 
> quite so strong melodically - they're both superb though. his most 
> recent solo effort, Connected is very different and sees him exploring 
> some new areas (not so successfully IMO)
> i'd also have a crack at Khmer by Nils Petter Molvaer - it's pretty 
> old now and they've developed hugely, but it has a raw edginess to it 
> that is pretty compelling
> The new NPM "live" album called Streamer is superb and i would highly 
> recommend it. i say "live" in inverted commas, because the source 
> material was recorded live, but it has been manipuated, remixed and 
> added to. a superb listen and flows beautifully. that track Sauna i 
> suggested is my favourite track at the moment.
> i've been listenting to some trio concerts that Aarset has been doing 
> of late (recorded from German radio) - very interesting to hear how he 
> reduces his tunes to the bare essentials and then re-vibrates them in 
> a live setting. his drummer uses Ableton to augment the band's sound 
> in very subtle and pleasing ways...top notch stuff...!
> sim
>> Wow!  I like, I like!  Thanks for the link.  Now I have to check out 
>> his albums.  Any suggestions on a good one to start with?
>>> On Feb 14, 2005, at 5:15 AM, simeon harris wrote:
>>> go here and listen to the clip of "sauna" (a few tantalising notes) 
>>> http://www.nilspettermolvaer.com/
>>> and also go here- 
>>> http://www.hopper-management.com/artist.php?AR_ID=147 and watch the 
>>> video of "dust kittens"
>>> this is all i could find that's public domain, i'm afraid...
>>> sim