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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V05 #100

At 13:19 14/02/05, you wrote:
>go here and listen to the clip of "sauna" (a few tantalising notes) 

hmmm...not sure 'bout that one,

>and also go here- http://www.hopper-management.com/artist.php?AR_ID=147 
>and watch the video of "dust kittens"

he holds the ebow over the fretboard,
so to get swells he must be using the left hand to hammer on to get the 
string going,
and an effect to smooth out the attack. So he has to damp the string 
between notes if
he wants to keep getting the slow attack on each note.

To get a swell at any required smoothness with an ebow you can bring the 
ebow nearer
to the pickup, and work with the fact that the ebow amplifies a lot.
Its possible to lightly tap the note with the left hand, and move the ebow 
the pickup to get the swell. Without compression, and without turning the 
guitar volume down like it says to in the ebow manual there's an amazing 
amount of expression to be had.
The drawback is that it's about as hard a technique to learn as playing a 
flute :-(

>this is all i could find that's public domain, i'm afraid...

v. interesting