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Re: Boss DD-20 resources/tips?


02/13/05 8:35:22, harrison@dnastudio.freeserve.co.uk writes:

Anyone out there got any good suggestions about info/resources for
using the Boss DD-20?

Suggestion: One of my favorite basic things to do with a DD-20 was to
set the first delay to 1250 milliseconds, the next to 5 seconds, the one
after that to 10 seconds, the next to 20 seconds -- all with near 100%
regeneration/feedback. The first one lets you set up a 4 count beat for
the second one for a basic rhythmic figure of some sort. The others let
you stretch out and play some longer phrases over that and evolve a bit.
The 5th and last delay preset slot I set up to a shorter 5- or 10-second
delay again but with 70-80% feedback so I can "fade out" smoothly and
naturally . . . or possibly introduce some weird reverse effect or something.
Not all that creative but useful for a lot of solo looping situations.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

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