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Re: EDP SYNC Issues

At 03:06 PM 2/9/2005, Jason Fink wrote:
>  I have recently begun to sync my EDP with my comrades midi clock.


>  It seems to work very well for a short period of time,  then at some 
>  when I press 'RECORD', instead of begining to record, I get 3 zeros on 
>  display for a few seconds before commencing to record.  Therefore it is
>  not capturing the beginning of my loop  (although it does play the 
>  loop completly in sync).

It is quantizing the beginning of the Recording to the downbeat defined by 
the midi clock. This is either because you are using LoopIII version of 
EDP software, and that is the way it always works. Or you are using LoopIV 
software and you have Quantize turned on.

With LoopIV you can also use sync without quantize, which allows you the 
freedom to start recording at any time, and when you end recording it 
rounds off to the correct length and keeps you in sync. This is nice for 
music that may start without an obvious downbeat, or where you don't want 
to be aligned to downbeat of the measure. It sounds like this is what you 
are wanting to do.

>  A soon as I unplug the midi cable from the EDP,  'Record' goes back to 
> functioning
>  as I expect it should.  Plug it back in,  the 3 zeros appear upon 
> pressing 'Record'.
>  Powering down the unit does not seem to help during the same session
>  when I return the following week it does work properly for a short 
> afterwhich
>  the same old behavior returns).

Yes, that is normal. When it recognizes that sync signals are present, it 
begins syncing.


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