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AW: Musicians Wanted


what you describe has basically to do with the fact that humans in
modern society are basically gregorious animals. Will the other audients
think I'm stupid or don't have any musical understanding if I start to
clap when no one else is clapping. Will the other audients think I'm
stupid or don't have any musical understanding if I refrain from
applauding even when other people are doing so? The greatest fear of
humans in this society is to do something what others might think is not
appropriate. So having a plant as you call it is important, only to get
the people who actually would like to applaude to do so. And this works
in any context, an can be exploited by the intelligent artist to get the
audience to do what he likes them to do.

I had this experience when during our training camp at Tae-Kwon-Do,
which took place in a rural area in lower Bavaria, a group (some eight
people, mostly students) decided to visit a local discotheque. As it
turned out, the fashion there was that on the dancefloor you found a)
groups of two or more girls, b) pairs (only a few). Most of the guys
were sitting round the dancefloor, drinking beer and looking bored. Our
group decided to hit the dancefloor - and after some strange looks from
the locals, the first people decided to join us.

I don't think there is anything wrong in helping people to do what they
wanted to do anyway (in our case, let the artist know they like the
performance). And to do so, even one or two of your friends (or loyal
fans) might suffice.


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Although this does appear to be sleazy spam aimed it musicians, it  
brings up a real issue for the performing musician and reminds me of