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Re: AW: Musicians Wanted

>From my experience this is something very typical here
in Germany,after living in america where being crazy
is not a sin:-)at first here it was hard to perform in
a new place where expression is less obvious and not
know if they like what you are doing or not.But then
after observing how everyone dares to dance and smile
when somebody starts it,well it was sort of a relief!
Yesterday i played a gig at an irish pub playing
covers and using loops and although i was playing
accesible stuff the crazy loop thing was for a lot of
people new.There were people coming in and staying and
there were people peaking around and moving on to the
next bar.I felt really good to hear people come after
the show and hear positive feedback,but after getting
paid the bar owner said he'd probably stop doing solo
and duo shows because he doesnt want people to peak
around and move on to the next bar, but he wants them
all walking inside drinking and staying,which is the
case when people hear a whole band making big noise he
Although we are musicians who believe in ourselves and
our personal taste,reality starts being different when
you deal with bar owners who hire you.Unfortunately
even here its getting harder and harder to play in
places where we can please our ego and get paid for
I think we all strive to do the best we can and the
need for acceptance and attention is in our human
nature.My kids are proof of it...

> I had this experience when during our training camp
> at Tae-Kwon-Do,
> which took place in a rural area in lower Bavaria, a
> group (some eight
> people, mostly students) decided to visit a local
> discotheque. As it
> turned out, the fashion there was that on the
> dancefloor you found a)
> groups of two or more girls, b) pairs (only a few).
> Most of the guys
> were sitting round the dancefloor, drinking beer and
> looking bored. Our
> group decided to hit the dancefloor - and after some
> strange looks from
> the locals, the first people decided to join us.
> I don't think there is anything wrong in helping
> people to do what they
> wanted to do anyway (in our case, let the artist
> know they like the
> performance). And to do so, even one or two of your
> friends (or loyal
> fans) might suffice.
>       Rainer
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