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Re: Tape loops/tape delay anyone?


     With all those extra tape heads floating around, you are ripe to 
build a "Klangumwandler". 
Developed by Harald Bode in the 50's or 60's, it is basically four tape 
heads arranged in a cross,
rotating in either direction and in such a way that at least one head is 
in contact with the tape
at all times.  Speeding up or slowing down the spinning tape heads will 
cause analog frequency
shifting like you never heard it.  Altering the speed of the tape deck can 
add more fun to the

     A Google search will get you going in the right direction.  


> I was wondering if anyone out there is building or has built a home-made 
>tape delay unit. I know
> some people were talking about the double reel to reel "frippertronics" 
>setup, but I was
> thinking more along the lines of a home-made Copycat style box. 
>Something with a few (or more)
> heads, variable speed, and a tape loop. I heard somewhere (maybe on this 
>digest???) a while back
> that Stockhausen had a single reel to reel that he had modified to do 
>long delays equivalent to
> that of a twin setup. Anyone confirm this. 

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