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This is a sad post for me.

My EDP (newest model, black face), was recently involved in a
flooding incidient. It was not plugged in at the time. I got it
out of the water logged area, drained it as well as I could, and
let it fan-dry for 36 hours. I then, crossing both sets of
fingers, plugged it in and turned it on. Everything seems to be
working fine, except the input. The LED always glows orange, and
if I shake the unit it crackles and glows green. If I turn the
pot while making noise on my guitar I can sometimes faintly hear
the guitar, otherwise, nothing. Any idea what I might need to do
to fix this? Nothing inside the unit looks damaged (nothing
looks fried, nothing seemed to happen the first time I turned it

I know the creators of the unit post on here, and I'm hoping
maybe they can help!