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RE: OT ELP/JP f(rip)p

Title: RE: OT ELP/JP f(rip)p

>> >I think there's a suspicion amongst some of us that he drags out this [king crimson] moniker when fortunes are flagging<

Anyone that has much experience working with Fripp knows enough not to second guess why he does things, but after a few years of working pretty closely with him on a bunch of music stuff (Soundscapes & King Crimson) I would say that this assessment is not very accurate.<<

rowan, you may be right. I am not defending such a suspicion (not "assessment" in any case), just saying that I think it exists in certain members of the list who've commented on fripp's activities past & present.

I didn't even say "me".
perhaps, then, you'd care to shed some light on the matter of the inner workings of mr fripp? or then again, would that be second guessing? :-)

>>A) are you okay with the name Tangerine Dream? Shouldn't it be The
Edgar Froese Experience or perhaps The Ed & Jerry Show?

B) do you feel that Edgar Froese is less pretentious than Robert Fripp?

C) do you feel there is any truth to the rumour that Ed Froese was
kicked off a Bowie session at the request of Bob Fripp? i don't, but it
is a funny story.<<

eric, that's 3 questions, not 2. edgar is, in my opinion, the single worst thing about TD, & god knows there are enough bad things about them already.

but I'm not going to enter into a debate about the rights & wrongs of brand-use, or how being the sole surviving founder-member may or may not entitle one's continued use of same. there was a brief period (imo) where froese snr was valuable as a catalyst for an interesting trio working in electronic music, but (imo) he's not one of the better guitar players, & (imo) his treatment of some of TD's back catalogue is (imo) risible.

I'm not familiar with the bowie story, but I know enough about his selection of guitarists in the past to be reasonably sure he could've made his own mind up over this session. but then what do I know? I haven't worked closely with him either.



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