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GIG (???) SPAM ---Mark Francombe playing LIVE on ResonanceFM (Thursday 10th Feb 8pmGMT)

Mark Francombe playing LIVE on ResonanceFM (Thursday 10th Feb 8pmGMT)

Just a bit of SPAM to let you all know that I will be playing LIVE on Resonance Radio tonight.
The event is part of the Furthernoise website curated evening which starts at 7pm.

I will be improvising live, via the internet with 2 other performers using Furthernoise's "Visitors Studio".
      "The Visitors Studio is an open, multi-user, online arena for creative dialogue, and collective performance where we invite you to chat, mix and upload files to participate in the creation of new work."

All 3 of us will be seated comfortably in our own homes, (namely Norway, America and Japan) have never met, and have only had brief discussions on what we shall do. And one evening of  "trying things out!"

After the broadcast, Visitors Studio will be opened for all, and we will all be available for chat, and anyone may then join in with fiddling with the sounds and graphics.

ResonanceFM is an experimental radio station in London England, that can be accessed on 104.4FM in London or by clicking here:


...if you wish to listen via the internet. CHOOSE YOUR PREFERRED STREAMING SOLUTION
(Media Player, WinAmp, or Real Player required)




mark francombe

      Furthernoise on Resonance FM

      On February 10th from 7 - 8.30 PM [GMT] Furthernoise is taking over a clear spot at Resonance FM where we are hosting an international live net Jam in Visitors Studio featuring 3 selected sound artists mixing live from their respective locations.

      I will also be chatting to Jodi Rose about the harmony of Bridges and the launch of her Singing Bridges CD and airing the latest tracks by featured Furthernoise artists.

      Net Jam artists are:

      John Kannenberg - US based A/V artist and curator of record label and net art space Stasisfield


      Midori Hirano - Tokyo based musician and sound artist who's EP 'Poet at the Piano' is out on the Soundzfromnowhere label.


      Mark Francombe - Oslo based British A/V artist who releases his music through his own SynchNonSynch label and was a founding member of 80's UK indie band Cranes.


      Recommended headphone listening :)